Meet Our Amazing Team

Starjabu Digital is working with a team of passionate and talented individuals who are committed to delivering a world class product. Meet the team that is turning the wheels.

Starjabu Digital Founder/Lead Programmer/Project Manager

Eric Njue

Erick is a hardcore gamer, “I grew up in the 90’s playing the earliest versions of modern games, i feel privileged to have been a part of the transition of the world of video games’. Erick is the head of the Under Sieke game development project. He is the founder of Starjabu Digital, a Kenyan Tech company with interests in Video games and the digital education sector.

2D/3D Animator/Modelling/Motion Graphics

Aziz Akafomo

Aziz is a versatile 2D/3D Artist with a unique African style. He is the founder of Iso Afrika animation, an animation studio that creates informative and exciting animations.

UI Artist/Marketing Manager/Starjabu Digital Co-Founder

Brenda Murugi

Brenda is passionate about the African culture and seeks to express this through responsive and visually appealing UI designs. She is also involved in creating and administrating our core marketing strategy.

3D Animator/Modelling/Environment Artist

Ian Kamau

Ian is a talented 3D artist who creates stunning environmental art. He compliments the team with an artistic eye and helps create the models and environments that bring the game to life.

Sound Designer/Producer

James Ngahu

James is a self-taught talented sound producer and designer who has an ear for pleasantly flowing and harmonised tunes. He is creating the sound track for Under Sieke the game.

Brand Manager/3D Artsist/Graphic Design

James Brighton

James provides the world with a perspective of what our brand is all about, he tells our narrative, communicates our passions and ideas and gives the world a glimpse into whats it like to create a serious world class African game. He is also a talented Graphic Design and 3D Artist.